Power System ST1

The Stromer is driven by the rider and a powerful brushless DC motor in the rear wheel hub.
Due to the fact that the motor operates directly in the rear wheel hub, maximum system efficiency can be obtained.
The only mechanical contact is with the high quality industrial ball bearings.
Therefore the motor is maintenance free for the most part.
The Stromer motor is available in three different versions..


Mountain 25

Mountain 33

Power 48

Assisted Acceleration
to 25 km/h
to 33 km/h
to 48 km/h
Motor Power Rating
250 W
500 W
500 W
20 Nm
40 Nm
30 Nm
Range *
(with ST396 battery)
30–90 km
30–80 km
30–70 km
Range *
(with ST522 battery)
40–120 km
40–110 km
35–90 km
Battery ST396
Li-Ion, 36 V, 11 Ah
Battery ST522
Li-Ion, 36 V, 14.5 Ah

* Sensor sensibility 3, driver 70 kg (Dependant on rider weight, and terrain.)

Mountain 25 – smooth

Suitable for comfortable cycling cross-country or in the city.

Mountain 33 – powerful

For trailers and for climbing up the hills.

Power 48 – speed

Suitable for practically any topography.