• STROMER Switzerland joined with the renowned Swiss company International Sports            Holding (ISH)
  • Incorporation of «mySTROMER E:Bike CA Inc.»
  • Intensive development on version 2.0
  • STROMER was the overall winner at Bike Expo 2011 Munich (Germany)
  • STROMER opened shops in Basel, Lausanne and Bern (Switzerland)
  • STROMER starts selling in Germany and Austria


  • Won at the Extra Energy Autumn 2010 Test in three of nine product categories (Sport,      Wellness and Business) against 46 competitors
  • STROMER opened shop in Zürich (Switzerland) with Miss Switzerland «Kerstin Cook»
  • STROMER opened shop in Geneva (Switzerland)


  • 500 Stromer driving through Switzerland
  • Delivery of the first «STROMER» to consumers (September)
  • Delivery of the first 50 "STROMER" to BKW FMB Energy Ltd (August)
  • Pilot run and extensive testing (May)
  • Presentation of the first STROMER and test drives at the «Bike Expo Oberried»                    Switzerland (March)
  • Patent application (March)


  • Presentation of detailed «STROMER» concept (October)
  • Kickoff for detail development. Cooperation with development partners (August)
  • Kickoff development / market analysis (January)


  • Initial idea of STROMER